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Towards active ageing at home (age@HOME). Conference.

ACCEPLAN, the social innovation research group of the University Institute of European Studies (IUEE) in Barcelona. Web site http://jornades.uab.cat/ageathome/

Under the context of the EU Active Ageing year 2012 the conference will deal with the promotion of active, independent and safe ageing in the community and the need for a common European concept of “ageing at home”.

Further objectives are:

  • Promote a shared conceptualization of Ageing at Home in Europe as an essential condition for independent and active ageing.
  • Review national experiences, discussion and suggestions towards an EU role in promoting Ageing at Home
  • Stimulate public-private synergies for the promotion of Ageing at Home and the prevention of institutionalization in a context of economic crisis.

The conference is addressed to public and private agents promoting the well-being and inclusion of the elder population in their living environment such as administrations at local, regional and national level, service providers, ICT producers, researchers, housing professionals, designers and users.

 Conference programme and registration will be available shortly.

For more information please contact  adaviv@iuee.eu

or visit the web: http://jornades.uab.cat/ageathome/


PRESENTATION of ACCEPLAN, the social innovation research group

Since 1996, the scope of our work has expanded to include a wider area of ​​research, training and advice on various aspects of the relationship between people and the environment in which they live. The main areas of research are:
  1. Accessibility and Universal Design
  2. Housing adaptation
  3. Environment for active aging
  4. Conditions and services for the permanence and community integration

The main activities developed are: research, training, design, regulatory and promotional instruments (development of plans and programs, dissemination), interdisciplinary networking, documentation, cooperation and knowledge transfer.

ACCESS TO WEBS of Social Innovation Area: Human-Environment:


è     ADAVIV


è     PATRAC


The Acceplan team arose from the concern to address a topic barely approached in the Spanish University: universal accesibility. In 1996 its academic research - which subsequently expanded to consulting, preparation of plans and legislation -  was a result of contracts from governamental entities such as the IMSERSO or the Ministry of Housing.

Concomitantly, a series of research and cooperation projects were developed with partners from academia, public administration or business, such as Patrac, AMERIACC, HOTEL OPEN MVIV, most of them related to universal accessibility.

24/10/2012  | Barcelona, 24-25 th October 2012

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